Community Development Center (CDC)

Welcome to Community Development Center (CDC) Nepal  official website!  
CDC Nepal is  a registered nonprofit social organization located in  Kathhmamndu Metropolitan City Ward No.04 Maharajung, Nepal.

The organization has been established by active social workers  of Kathmandu by collecting some donations from the local people and  as well as from different organizations around Kathmandu Valley.

The mission  of the organization is to   Help the Helpless  in the society. We  we are committed to help orphaned, abandoned and helpless, poorest   children as well as helpless elderly people   in our community. We  support those disadvantage children to go to school and
obtain quality formal education so that they can be self dependent in the future  lives and  can be able to break vicious cycle of poverty.

We   also have a program  to help    the  helpless poorest  elderly people to spend the rest of their life in a comfortable way.
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